Designs of the Worlds Largest 160MW Renewable Energy Generator!


160MW WaterGens

160MW WaterwGens are the Worlds Largest Water Generators and are designed to Protect all Waterlife and they’re Environment 100% and to Mass Produce Clean BlueGreen Water Current Generated Elecrricity 24hrs a day. Everyday!

It gets even better With The WindGens Non-Commercial Business, Residential and Offgrid Towers!

WindGen Towers are Designed to exceed all of Your Expectations, 24hrs a day!

160MW WaterGens Designs

WaterGens Products are Designed by Charlie Bryan, owner of WaterGen Designs. Waterlife and theyre Environment are the #1 Priority, mass producing electricity is the objective and WaterGen Towers does them both.

WaterGens are individually designed for its unique area of operation to maximize production while protecting the environment around it.


WaterGens Sales Include Delivery, Assembly and Placement in the waterway. Guarantee

The Watergen will outperform all other water generators available today, and far into the future.

Worlds Largest and Safest Water Generator!!

Athentic and One Of A Kind

The WaterGen is in a class of its own.


The WaterGen is the first of its kind.


The WaterGen is Guaranteed to Out Produce All Present Day Water Generators!

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